Birthday Suits
The Times Magazine
27 September 1997

From the project diary Kate Storey comments on Primitive Streak:

"Helen has just faxed through the latest version of the heart development sequence. It looks fantastic. She has given the final heart  form, sitting on its diaphragm, a set of tail feathers. The whole thing looks like a robin with a red breast ... Helen has made the heart her own."
Biology of a sister act
by Chris Maume
The Independent on
Sunday, 28 September 1997

"Avant-garde design meets hard science in Primitive Streak, a fashion exhibition charting the first 1000 hours of life cooked up by siblings from different worlds."

Helen comments on Primitive Streak:

"It's been highly liberating. It's allowed me to go back to everything that I enjoyed at the beginning of my career, the Experimental side."
Yangtze doodle dandy
by Nicci Gerrard
The Observer
11 October 1998

"It wasn't just the Blairs in Shanghai. There was Pulp, Helen Storey, the man from the ICA, exhibitions and installations ... (still at least no one called it a cultural revolution)."

Shanghai surprise
by Helen Storey
January 1999

"Designer Helen Storey accompanied her sensational fashion and science led exhibition to China. But what would the locals make of a 'sperm coat'?"
National Geographic ( Spain)
May 2005

"The union of fashion and biology!"