To date three new and potentially globally important concepts have evolved out of the collaboration between Helen Storey and Tony Ryan. These will be exhibited as part of the Wonderland exhibition. In the simplest terms these are:

The disappearing bottle - inspired by Helen's original concept of a plastic bottle that would have an intelligent relationship with its contents. By using a specially developed polymer to make the bottle, once empty it can be dissolved in hot water - when the solution cools down it makes a room-temperature gel - seeds (encased in a pepper-pot lid) planted in the fertile gel grow from the waste.  

Water purification products: In the third world the most readily available source of power is human muscle. The water purification products use reverse osmosis and human energy to create clean from contaminated water.

Free Feet: This is a 'second skin' for the underside of the foot; a running shoe with no uppers. It is moulded from a polymer and has adhesive patches at the heel, ball of foot and big-toe.  The commercial potential is four-fold (1) medical device for people with sensitive and swollen feet who cannot wear conventional shoes (2) orthopedic device to encourage good posture through effectively walking barefoot (3) foot protection for people who normally do not wear shoes and suffer from skin damage and infection as a result (4) fashion. This product is being developed in collaboration with Terraplana Ltd.