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Helen Storey Foundation is a London based, project funded not for profit arts organisation, inspiring new ways of thinking across art, science, design and technology, and custodian of Helen Storey's works for exhibition and cultural purpose.
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Primitive Streak
Primitive Streak. A science-art collaboration elucidating 10 key events in human embryonic development by artist/designer Helen Storey (London College of Fashion) and biologist Kate Storey (University of Dundee). OPEN>
Launced at St Pancras International, London. Nov 2015, exploring the global movement of people visualised through data visualisation.
Visit: August 17th to September 4th, Science Museum, London
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The Wonderland exhibition brings together the worlds of art and science. By working together, Professor Tony Ryan, OBE, PVC Faculty of Science, University of Sheffield and Helen Storey have been able to use their different backgrounds to present new ideas on the application of science and discover practical solutions to current ethical issues. OPEN>
Catalytic Clothing
Catalytic Clothing, continuing the collaboration between Helen and Tony, is a radical project that brings together the worlds of fashion, art, design, technology and chemistry with the potential to clean the air we breathe.June 18th to February 2015 2015, a new schools tour - OPEN>

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5 Schools in the West Midlands are working on Catalytic Teaching and Learning, from June 2015 to Feburary 2016
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Information : http://www.rsaacademies.org.uk/projects/catalytic-teaching-learning/
Dresss of Glass and Flame
A new work, between Helen and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and London College of Fashion. It has been produced by world renowned Berengo Studio, in Venice. Dress of Glass and Flame will be shown at Manchester Art Galler on October 27th. OPEN> Films can be viewed here.

Eye & I
Eye & I is a powerful collaboration and public installation between Helen Storey and neuroscientist Jim Coan, (University of Virginia). What happens when humans communicate using only real eye contact?. See film. In 2015 with Goldsmiths College London we are developing the work with new audiences from the edges of society.
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